Neema staff at work in the Neema cafe
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Neema member of staff, William, serving drinks in the cafe


Whether it’s a latte and chocolate brownie while you catch up on your emails, a relaxed fruit smoothy in the shade of our balcony, or a friendly lunchtime meal, our award-winning restaurant is the place to be in Iringa. Its popularity amongst tourists, volunteers, locals and ex-pats alike has made it a hub for social activity, where you can find out what is happening in town, find safari partners for a cheaper trip to the national park and connect with a wide cross-section of the community. You can even learn the local Swahili sign language from our waiters William and Shukuru, because our kitchen is entirely staffed by deaf trainees.

Coffees and cakes
We are proud to sell only locally grown Tanzanian coffee. We serve lattes, americanos, espressos, and capucinnos as well as hot chocolate and a wide variety of teas. It is well worth complimenting these with a large slice of cake, such as our banana and chocolate cake, or even our warmed chocolate brownie with homemade ice-cream!

Hearty lunches
Travelling ‘Mzungus’ can have taste of home with lasagne, curries, and pizzas on offer. You should also try our popular bacon and avocado panini.

Swahili Dishes
Tanzanians and tourists love our range of traditional Swahili and East African Cuisine served at a traditional price. You can enjoy a mountain of ugali (stiff maize porrige) and bowl of maharage (beans in sauce), or why not try a ‘Rolex’ (a Spanish omlette rolled in a chapatti!)?

Juices and Smoothies
For a refreshing, tropical taste of Tanzania can choose from a
selection of fresh fruitsmoothies such as ‘Maembe Mash’ a mango and passion fruit cocktail or ‘Cheeky Parachichi’ a shocking green blend of avocado, honey and banana. We also make our own fruit juice with purified water, fresh pineapples, mangos and passion fruit.

Showcasing Deaf Talent
Our restaurant is entirely run and staffed by deaf people with one non-deaf, physically disabled person on the till. The main reason for starting the restaurant was to showcase the skills of young deaf people, to demonstrate how easy communication with deaf people can be, and to challenge negative attitudes towards them. As well as bringing people from all sections of society into our centre, the restaurant challenges people to communicate in a different way with their waiter or waitress to place their order. Don't worry it is really easy. Our menus have some basic Kiswahili Sign Language and we provide order sheets for you to write down your order.

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Social Hub

Because of its spacious seating areas, comfy sofas and pleasant balcony people often choose the Neema Cafe as a meeting point. We encourage volunteers and local business people to make the most of our wifi access and comfortable environment, whilst still supporting the livelihoods of the most needy. Our café notice boards offer a wide range of information on local events, places interest and other tourist information. Especially popular is for people to use it to find safari partners to reduce the costs of hiring a safari vehicle to visit places the Ruaha National Park. Our restaurant is also family friendly, with a children's play corner, babychanging facilities and a range of board games, books and newspapers available to our customers. Our restaurant is happy to host large groups and tour parties, please do phone ahead and place your order, so we can be ready for you. Don’t forget to combine your visit with a tour of the workshops and of course, give time to peruse our crafts shop.

Open: 8.30am - 6.30pm, Mon-Sat

Available: Wifi, PC, W/C, Baby Change, Conference facilities, kid's area.