Latest News - PPE Appeal Target Reached

To our dear churches and supporters,

Thank you so much for the incredible response to our PPE appeal video last month! We have been truly amazed and humbled by the amount of support we have received for this. We feel we now have sufficient to meet the current demand for PPE, which we are continuing to distribute.

The Neema Crafts Centre is still essentially closed and our artisans and staff are mostly at home, but receiving their full wage. Although the country has begun to open up colleges and universities, it remains an uncertain time for everyone. It is likely to be some weeks before we can be sure it is safe for all of our staff to return to the centre.

We and the team are using this opportunity to re-vision Neema so that it can weather the impact of Covid-19 on tourism over the coming couple of years. We are developing new strategies for reaching a more dispersed market and developing our products and menus accordingly. A few of our staff have already been invited back into the centre to help us with this process, but we are observing social distancing and wearing masks.
Neema team waving outside the centre in PPE masks

Since the future income of the project is unsure, we would still appreciate your ongoing prayer and financial support for the project and help with finding new markets for our products.

With best wises for your health and well-being during this crisis,

Ben and Katy, Directors - Neema Crafts

Neema staff member in workshop
Neema staff member making clothes
Neema staff member making notepads
Group photo of staff outside Neema
Neema staff at work in the tailoring workshop

attitudes towards

Neema staff at work in the tailoring workshop

Transforming the lives of people with disabilities in Tanzania, through handicrafts, training and employment.

Neema Crafts provides training and employment opportunities for over 120 people with disabilities in the Iringa region of Tanzania. It also aims to change negative attitudes towards people with disabilities in the local society. There's a great stigma attached to having a disability in Tanzania, and the centre provides dignity and hope for many people who previously relied on street begging or were hidden away at home. The centre has eight craft workshop areas, a therapy unit for disabled children, an award winning cafe, a conference centre entirely staffed by deaf people and a welcoming guesthouse jointly run by the local Mother's Union.

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Neema staff member Benjamin Chaula outside his new home

Product of the Month

Our product of the month is the Children's Safari Print Dress. In the UK, Neema Crafts has partnered with Good Things to promote many of our crafts.
"Good Things seeks out ethical and sustainable products with positive impact. Like toy boats made entirely from recycled milk bottles, or cards that are changing the lives of orphaned young adults in Rwanda. We champion these suppliers, tell their stories and share their wonderful products. We want to make it easy for you to make choices that are kind to people and the planet."

Girl's safari print dress

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Be Part of the Story

Learn more about Neema Crafts and how they are transforming the lives of people with disabilities in Tanzania by watching our short video.

See how the centre in Iringa has achieved this by providing training in handicrafts, employment, housing and so much more. Find out how funding like yours can help us to make even more of a difference to their and others lives.

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