“Favourite cafe in the world.”
The brownies and banana bread are the best thing ever! Especially after weeks of having no western food. Milkshakes are amazing for hot days even for someone like me who doesn't usually like milkshake. If I'm ever back in iringa I will definitely go back! 10/10!
“Great place great atmosphere great great great!”
What a wonderful place to relax, catch up with friends or just enjoy a cup of tea. A positive energy is felt here. A favorite place to stay, enjoy and buy gifts!
“My favourite”
Food is nice and service super friendly. Most of the staff are deaf so you order by writing. Downstairs is the lovely shop and you can also take a tour of the workshops where the disabled artisans create the beautiful items on sale.
“I love Iringa and Neema Craft!”
I was really surprised discovering this restaurant , bed and breakfast and craft shop...everything here is good, beautiful, happy! and the project is wonderful and the personnel working there is so nice and tender, I love all of them! Go to Neema Craft for a omelette-chapati, or for a mango juice or to buy some gifts or just to receive a big smile from the beautiful people working there. Iringa is so nice, also because Neema!
“Fantastic Little Place, Lots of Atmosphere and really relaxed”
I've been here several time and I've always enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere it has to offer. The restaurant is situated above a home-made crafts store which sells all kinds of merchandise made by people with varying disabilities from the local area and all proceeds generally tend to go back to the community through the centre.

The restaurant is also ran by some staff who have disabilities and they do a fantastic job at what they do. They are very welcoming, patient and accommodating. They will do anything for you. I always used to pop in just for a bottle of coke or some fries if I could because they seemed to be the happiest people around and this used to always make my day.
“British Values Meet Tanzanian Charm”
We frequented Neema Crafts during our time traveling and working in Iringa. It truly is a special place! Granted, the set up is a little more western than a lot of the places nearby, but this is countered by the whole premise behind the place - the staff, all of whom are disabled, deaf or blind make the place what it is and are given the chance to work here where they wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity.

The menu has a mix of traditional food (the chip omlette is worth a try) and those from further afield. And the chocolate cake is exceptional. Ask Chiquo or Paulina what they recommend - their suggestions are usually on point!

And if you get the chance to watch the deaf dance troop, definitely do it! They are a really inspiring bunch of people, and will be happy for you to join in with them after the performance, in true African style.

I look forward to seeing you all again Neema.