Screen Printing

The screen printing department is a vital element of our production as it supplies materials for both tailored items and our very popular lampshades. Over the past few years, it has received many fresh designs from our in-house designers (Dom Davant, Freia Groves and Katy Ray) who have seen how important it is to keep our customers excited with our print designs and textiles.

The deaf-run department is ably headed up by Alfred who, with his two colleagues Sergio and Siro, produce long runs of beautiful print designs.

Neema member of staff screen printing cushion fabric Neema member of staff screen printing cushion fabric

This is how it works: Firstly the textile designer draws up their new ideas either by hand or directly onto Photoshop. These designs are then printed onto large acetate. which use extra dark ink. A clean ’silk screen’ (or screen with a very fine mesh) is then treated with a chemical called ‘photo-resist’. When exposed to light, this chemical hardens and blocks up the holes in the silk screen. Once the acetate is placed over this screen and exposed for 20mins in a dark room, the photo-resist that has not been exposed (because of the ink on the acetate) can be washed off using a pressure washer. The screen is then ready to be used for printing. The screen is placed over the material, card or t-shirt and special screen printing ink is pulled over the entire surface of the screen 3-4 times using a ’squeegee’. In this way, the ink is pushed through the areas of the screen that are left unblocked and the picture, originally drawn by the designer, is left on the material below.

Our Hand-made screen printed products:

  • Cushions - Browse Neema cushions in a new tab
  • Bunting - Browse Neema bunting in a new tab