Neema Crafts employs around 35 people with disabilities as 'Out-Workers' in addition to those who come to work each day at our Centre in the heart of Iringa town. These tend to be people whose physical disabilities make traveling to and from work each day too slow and difficult, or deaf or disabled mothers of young children. They mainly work in beadwork or beaded embroidery, with some involved in tailoring or other activities.

The beaders are very skilled and need excellent eyesight. The tiny glass beads are threaded into necklaces and bracelets for both adults and children. The tiny beads are also added to the thongs of flip-flops to beautiful effect and embroidered onto local African fabrics to be included in our ranges of bags and other tailored articles. People working from home come to Neema Crafts once a week to bring what they have made, receive their wages, new beads and new designs for the week ahead.

We use tiny glass beads which we buy in Dar es Salaam, and also our own beads made on-site from old glass bottles in the B2B workshop, making them the ultimate fair trade-recycled beads.

A whole range of different styles of bead work have been mastered by our skilled artisans producing a wide range of beautiful jewellery from bead weaving to paper beads with new designs constantly being introduced to keep up with the latest in fashion and design.

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