At Neema Crafts, we want to show the world how God views disability. We believe that everybody, whatever their situation, has God-given gifts and the potential to inspire others, but what is often lacking is the opportunity to find those gifts and fulfill that potential. Neema Crafts aims to create opportunities for people who have always been considered a burden on society; and to change negative attitudes towards them.

We train people with disabilities to become skilled artisans from carpenters, to tailors, ceramicists to paper-makers, great chefs, or entrepreneurs starting up their own enterprises. This not only has the effect of raising our trainees’ self esteem, but of course, gives them access to a good salary, thus raising their standard of living. Our trainees can afford to support their family, send their children to school and help out a neighbour in need. Our medical and physiotherapy support allows our trainees a greater level of health than they would otherwise have, and our mobility scheme allows all of our trainees access to bicycles and tricycles to get to work and around town.

By doing this, we are changing attitudes in society. Recently one of our workers came into the office with a huge smile on his face. ‘I was asked for money by a person in need this morning!' he said. Before Neema Crafts existed, that would never have happened!' He was so proud he now had good standing in the eyes of his neighbours.

Neema Crafts is a project of the Anglican Diocese of Ruaha and our aims fit within their wider vision: “To see an empowered community living life in all its fullness”.

We are motivated by Jesus' example to serve people on the margins. Be assured that we welcome and serve people of all faiths, both genders, and all ages, no-one is overlooked.