Neema artisan showing his clay-covered hands from working with ceramics
CeramicsIcon of a ceramic pot
Neema artisan creating a clay pot on a pottery wheel

Iringa Town is blessed with a nearby deposit of high quality stone-ware clay and with Neema Crafts already running a kiln for the B2B workshop, and local safari lodges clamouring for good quality table-ware, it was a simple step with the help of a talented American potter on an internship with us from Houghton College to start our own ceramics department.

Still in it's infancy, our potters have already become skilled at throwing hand made pots, mugs and bowls. Very soon we hope to start building a range of ceramics to add to the main shop in our centre in Iringa so watch this space. The kiln we will use for firing the ceramics, is designed to burn used engine oil. Vast quantities are simply poured in holes in the ground as there is no safe means of disposal. Burning this provides us with a free energy source and avoids large amounts waste oil being poured into the land, which causes a great deal of soil contamination.

We are also currently looking into the possibilities of acquiring an electric kiln for firing small items such as mugs and making our own bio diesel from used cooking oil to power the main kiln. Ceramicists are always welcome to come and help with this project. Please do get in touch if you are interested!