Wesley, a Neema artisan, at work with a hammer and a chisel
Neema lamp-base hand-crafted from wood


Started in 2012, the addition of this department greatly increased the scope and quality of crafts at the centre. It also allowed us to employ four new disabled artisans and train four more in new skills.

The department produces beautiful turned items such a lamp-bases, candle holders and wooden beads. Picture frames, napkin rings and other household accessories are embellished with Zanzibari style wood-carvings. Some metal work can be done in this area too, with lampshades and jewellery also being produced.

This bouyant department is meticulously lead by Wesley (see top image), who has quickly risen to the top of his field because of his eye for detail and competence in his craft.The ingenuity, skill and potential amongst all of our trainees in carpentry is very exciting and it is often the area in which new product ideas are developed.

Neema carpenters Matesso, Isaya and Mafisango

Our Hand-made carpentry products:

  • Coasters
  • Candle holders
  • Tea-light holders
  • Lamp bases